Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pirated Plans

I have just been made aware that Curtis Buchanan's plans for his Comb Back Windsor Chair have been pirated and put up for sale on a scam website.  The scammer/thief who's name is Ted "Woody" McGrath has taken it upon himself to copy and sell Curtis's plans without his permission.  When I went to the scam site it is clear that these are in fact Curtis's plans.  Curtis's name and the copyright are clearly visible.  You can call it scamming or piracy, but let us call it what it is; STEALING!  I HATE A THIEF!  Apparently ole Woody has been called out before.

Curtis has taken the time and put forth the effort and money, along with the help of others, to share his years of knowledge.  He has done this with an absolutely wonderful series of free instructional videos on his web site and YouTube.  On his site Curtis has an online store where he offers his plans and a video series on DVD.

Curtis is one of the most genuinely giving people I have ever met and had the pleasure to call my friend.  I believe in and practice supporting people that are willing to freely give of themselves while trying to carve out a living in the world of woodworking.  You may say, "Why would you pay for something if it is free online?"  In no way can you have the experience that an in shop class with Curtis provides with an online video.  For example, some of the conversations we had during our time together in his shop gave me insight into different ways to go about my chair building.  There is no way to put a price on that and that is something I would never get from a video.  

I will continue to support Curtis by buying his plans as they become available.  Could I make a chair without them, yes!  But to me that is not the point.  If you feel as I do, I urge you to put the word out about this thief.  If you ever considered taking a class to learn to build a Windsor Chair, do yourself a favor and contact Curtis.  I guarantee he will not disappoint.

~ Ray Schwanenberger

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