Friday, January 24, 2014

Shop Stool Build Off - 2

Tomorrow the Shop Stool Build Off (SSBO) begins.  Chris of Flair Woodworks fame and creator of the event, has posted a list of participants in this weekends SSBO.  You can see who is participating here.  At this time I am still not sure if I will be able to participate.  However, I have been preparing incase it all works out.

My influences for the stool, as I mentioned before, are from a design by Pete Galbert, Curtis Buchannan, and Galen Cranz, that Pete calls "The Perch".  The Perch has the single leg in front and I am moving it to the back, ala Wharton Esherick.  I happened across a photo of a three legged stool by Mr. Esherick and was captivated.

As my mind raced most of the night on different leg designs, I have decided to stay with what I know.  That is the round, tapered through tenoned leg with stretchers.  Now I am toying with a bit of a change to the stretchers but I may not have the time to be able to do what I call a "Wishbone Stretcher".  That would require steam bending and there is just not enough time to get it to dry properly.

Another one of my influences for the build is Leonardo da Vinci and his Vitruvian Man.  This all has to do with human proportions.  I want to be able to adapt any stool for any person and use that individuals height to do so.  Wow the brain synapses are firing now.

That being said I have a few more ergonomic details to work out for a person of my height at 6' 0".

I hope it all works out and I am able to be posting results tomorrow.  Good luck to all.

~Ray Schwanenberger

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