Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shop Conversion

Today the shop was converted into a photo studio.  I needed to get studio shots of the Nanny Rocker, Comb Back Rocker, Low Back Welsh Stick Chair, and the Guitar Chair prototype.  Once the shoot is done the chairs can then be taken to their owners and free up some much needed space in the shop and the house.

Being a frugal person (some say tight-wad) I made my own lighting system.  You can see the strategic placement of clamps and ropes used for balancing the overhead light.  My son and his family stopped by while I was shooting the pictures and he jumped in to help.  Chris is also my log splitting apprentice.

I should have the final pictures up in the Gallery section of the blog sometime within the next week.  I have to sort through the more than 130 shots taken to get what I think are the best.  I may even include a couple with one of my chair models.

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  1. I like ur chair model. Thank goodness she takes after carol's side on beauty.